Naxos is the biggest Cycladic island and is renowned for the changes of scenery among its mountainous areas with their fertile valleys and springs.
Chora, the capital of the island, combines the picturesque aspects of an island with the comforts of a city.
The capital called Naxos or Chora is situated in a majestic area extending from the coastline to a hill on the top of which one may admire the ruins of the castle and the awesome view.

There are several archaeological sites and old stone houses around the island. Naxos welcomes its visitors with Portara and the picturesque church of Panagia Mmirtidiotissa standing above the tiny island in the port. The visitor has the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the place and simultaneously feel that he is surrounded by every comfort and convenience. There is a medical center, banks, a post office, a market where one may find whatever he wishes from clothing and shoes to souvenirs and a lot of local products. Among the most significant monuments around Chora one may visit Portara, the archaeological site of Grotta and the Venetian castle overlooking the Aegean Sea.

On the south of the island, visitors may enjoy the organized beach of Agios Georgios which is filled with tourists every summer. It is a sandy beach with crystal clear waters situated near Chora, thus enabling the holiday maker to combine a swim with a meal or a drink and a walk around the nearby market. It is appropriate for all ages offering water sports for those who wish an active holiday. It is  the ideal place for families with small kids due to its crystal clear waters and there is even a sports center for those interested in sporting activities of any type. It is worth mentioning that the specific beach has been awarded a blue flag..


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